Filthy Rich Writer review 2024: My journey & its lasting impact

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I’m glad you landed on this post as it will no doubt save you a lot of time. I’m Helen, and with total transparency I do more than just email copywriting now. I design websites for dog trainers and teach them how to build an email list, so they can make more income.

My copywriting skills enable me to do this and help businesses flourish. It feels so good to be able to help people every day using the skills I originally learned in the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course.

This post may contain affiliate links but it will not affect the price you pay.

In a hurry? Not wanting to read the whole post?

Here’s the short version. Filthy Rich Writer’s copywriting course is the one I recommend to get you started in copywriting. They have a free training so you can judge whether it’s right for you, without any pressure. Get a taste of the course with the free training below – How to Get Started in Copywriting.

Helen Nuttall

Looking for copywriting training for beginners?

If you’re willing to invest money as well as time, you’re in the right place.

When looking for highly specialised training such as copywriting training, I recommend that you learn from someone who is already highly successful.

Also, think about whether you resonate with their values and take on life.

If you can answer yes to both of these things, you will learn from the correct expert and enjoy it, too!

The fact that you are prepared to invest some cash in your training will also mean that you get cohesive training.

We’ve all been there, trying to piece together how to do something and searching Google for the answers.

But I’m a testament to the fact that this takes too much time, and of course, you may not link key concepts together so effectively if you try the free route.

Please, however, don’t put yourself in a situation where you can’t sleep at night.

I never advocate this.


Okay phew, now onto the exciting bit!

Who is the course founder of the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy?

Nicki Krawczyk, the course creator, and founder of Filthy Rich Writer, is the ideal person to teach copywriting as she has over 20 years of successful copywriting experience.

Why are you creating such an in-depth review Helen?

I created this review because maybe you are skeptical about Filthy Rich Writer’s online copywriting course.

Maybe you are wondering if it’s a scam or a get-rich-quick scheme.

The name is catchy, but can you ACTUALLY become filthy rich with this course?

I can tell you that the course is not a scam, and here are my insider experiences, so you have ALL the information, before you make a decision on anything.

I also want to be upfront and say that I specialise in design now but the copywriting skills I have learned from this course help me help dog trainers market their businesses effectively – so the return of investment is daily for me!

Filthy Rich Writer – too good to be true? My experiences documented

 My main role, at the time, was a draining one, so I made the decision to set up different income streams.   My total dream – to work from home. 

I did much, much fact-finding, reading loads, and finally signed up to Filthy Rich Writer.

I’ve written this to help you navigate the huge rafts of information out there! 

 I give my honest opinion of the online copywriting course they offer – the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy.


So what is Copywriting anyway? 

Copywriting is basically writing to persuade people to do something you want them to do. You may want them to buy a product, or find out more information, or even click on an ad. Dropdeadcopy sums it up beautifully! 

‘The definition of copywriting is “salesmanship in print”.


You could be asked to create a sales page or a product description for a pet product one day. The very next day might be an email funnel for an online course.

It is soo varied and exciting!


In Summary

Copywriting is much better paid than content writing.

The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is the best online course (in my humble opinion)

→ The course will pay for itself many, many times!

Try it out! Watch this free training and see for yourself!

Prefer to watch a video?

Hear my latest thoughts about the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course over on my YouTube channel.

Watch the video here

My Filthy Rich Writer review on youtube

2024 update – My Services and How I’m Using the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy

July 2024 – Big leaps of faith!

I’ve gone all in serving my new niche of force-free dog trainers and I’m loving it! The best thing is that I know clearly how to research what they need, then use that in my social posts, emails, on my website copy. This is all due to what I learned in this amazing copywriting course!

March 2024

The excitement doesn’t stop here! I am using my copywriting skills in many ways. I have two amazing premium retainer clients who I love to write copy for!

One is a start-up Montessori-inspired business, that I know will lead the space very soon! I’m enjoying creating her launch, nurture and sales emails for her membership right now. When you wake up to messages like this, it really is worth it!

Copywriting testimonial 2 Erika


Landing page copy for her membership offer

Launch strategy

Email marketing

The other retainer client I have right now is in the fitness coaching space and I couldn’t be more excited at the variety of copywriting projects I have been involved in.


Sales page copy

Webinar assistance and registration page copy

Sales email sequences

Evergreen funnel copywriting and tech setup.

Quick update 2023 – My Progress as a result of Filthy Rich Writer

I am now location independent. As a result of Filthy Rich Writer’s Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course and another copywriting course by CopyHackers called *Copy School (I like to gain more than one perspective when advancing my skills) we have moved over to Malta as digital nomads. Malta is a tiny island in Europe, and the weather is much warmer than England.

*I feel Copy School is a more advanced copywriting programme, and would have overwhelmed me at the beginning of my journey. I will be writing about it very soon.

October 2023

The pinnacle of October has to be the creative review meeting with my lovely new retainer client, who cried on the call, saying that I’d nailed what they’d wanted to say on their sales page for so long. It made me cry too!

I’m also poised and ready to promote my own Black Friday offers for the FIRST time ever! I am so excited that the copywriting skills I learned can now be applied to my own business to further my quest for financial freedom and help others to scale their businesses too!

September 2023

This month’s projects have mostly been me creating offers for Q4. I am finding with the increasing semi-passive income I have been able to create using my higher income from copywriting and website creation, that I have created more time freedom.

So I have been creating Black Friday offers and the copy associated with that for my promotions. It feels really good to be able to ‘work for myself’ or ‘hire my own skills’ for my business.

It’s also the time of year when I partner with Amy Porterfield for her launch, and this is a perfect opportunity to create a whole launch plan and strategy, which I adore doing. My copywriting skills are so useful here!


I have also started to push myself to be a thought leader in the field of digital marketing and copywriting, so I have doing prep work for speaking and summit opportunities. I’m also going to be participating in events such as bundles, so again, I will be contributing copywriting or website design tutorials to these.

So excited for the future!

(Also feeling grateful to Malta for giving us a year there, and now we wait with baited breath to discover whether they will approve us for another year. Fingers crossed for us, everyone.

July 2023

This month’s copywriting projects have involved writing an email sales sequence for client A, which I really enjoyed. Did you know that the closer you get to the sale, the more you can charge for your copywriting skills? Yup!

Oh yes and for client B I had the joy of writing conversion-focused blog posts and their email newsletter! I love the variety.

Client C wanted me to help out with the overall launch strategy, which called into play my experience in conversion copywriting and my experiences during the recent affiliate launch with Lisa Johnson. It’s such an exciting time.

But that’s not all! I was privileged to speak inside a Doula membership on how to be true to your brand voice and write your copy so it sounds like you. The more experience, you gain, the more opportunities come your way like this! It’s brilliant!

June 2023

I am in the midst of a fantastic launch for a client who wanted launch strategy as well as all the corresponding copy for socials, and emails sequences. I’m loving every minute of it and I will be publishing a case study about it very soon! Exciting times!

I also have another lovely client that I helping with email marketing, visibility and attracting more people to her email list. It’s so much fun right now, I bearly think about teaching anymore.

Is the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy worth it?

Yes, yes and yes! The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy Course is!

I am earning money when I want to, and I am so much happier than I was when I was a teacher! Up until December, I had a retainer client whom I really enjoyed working for, but I had helped her create her core social media content, and launch email strategy, so it meant that she could recycle most of it.

Just to give you an example – this client was paying over $3k every month for my services. (Just in case you were wondering how much you can typically achieve for part-time work of around 2.5 days a week)

Now I am working on a partner launch, and my copywriting skills are coming in very useful.

I’ll be back to update you when I’ve more news!

woman learning how to be a copywriter with filthy rich writer course

First thoughts back in 2020

I was in a place where I had a few choices. For 2 years, I have had my own blog, and that’s great. It will over-replace my income over time, but not yet. 

How could I seriously kick-start my plan for making money from home? 

I wanted the chance to:

  • potentially earn more for working fewer draining hours. 
  • work when I want, so I can spend more time with my other half.  
  • get regular income.
  • be creative.
  • meet interesting people.

I am interrupting this post to bring you some big, big news!

May 25 2022 – I have handed my notice into my teaching job. This is real guys – I am going full-time freelance as of July 2022! Woo!

On top of that, I have just finished a writing test that hopefully will see me working 2 days a week for a brand I really admire!!

So this is my message to you – if I can do it – so can you!!

Researching Work from Home Jobs

I have always loved writing and felt that the experience of writing for my blog had given me so much experience.  I initially searched for ‘freelance writer’ on Google. 

It came up with three interesting writer course possibilities. 

One was Elna Cain’s Freelance writer course ‘Write to 1K’, the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy, and another was Mike Shreeve’s ‘No Pants Project’.

I signed up to find out more about each. It was definitely a learning curve.  I realized I didn’t even know the difference between copywriting and content writing! 

No Pants Project – Copywriting 

Mike Shreeve’s introductory videos were very useful in explaining this. He was very motivational, and his back story is truly inspiring.

However, when it came to finding out about his copywriting course, it just wasn’t right for me.

For the equivalent of approx $1500, he was going to give me one-on-one coaching. I couldn’t afford it – there were no other payment options. Wait too long, and it would mean paying much more. 

I felt the details of what I would get were really sketchy and vague. I couldn’t make out whether he would really teach me the basics of copywriting, so I felt I had the confidence to go get clients.

He offered other online courses later, but they were all really focused on one skill, for example, email writing. The cost, on average, was $600.

Elna Cain – Write to 1K – Content Writing

I have been following Elna Cain for a while now. She is a truly inspirational blogger and has achieved what I want with my blog. 

So the natural thing to do also was to research content writing. After all, I do this every week. Why not get paid to do it from home, as my main income, while growing my own blog income? 

Elna’s always generous with her free content, and her emails about freelance writing are really informative.  

The price point for her course was $195, which is reasonable given her experience. If I’d have needed payment plan options, you could pay in 3 installments. 

Also very fair.

Many people have been able to replace their income with this course. 

There was absolutely nothing wrong at all with this – only that  I had also signed up for the free training with Filthy Rich Writer, so I held off. To be honest, I procrastinated – because the training on FRW made me realize that I wanted to be a copywriter. 

Ideally, I wanted to earn more and do something slightly different from what I do with my blog. 

Woman researching a writing course to take

Comprehensive Copywriting Academy – Filthy Rich Writer

Initially, I found this online, but I came back to it again as a result of another former teacher’s success. He recommended it to me, as he had just landed his first project, which more than covered his old monthly income.

I’d subscribed already, but in between emails sent from Nicki Krawczyk, the main coach and owner, I dug into the site. The videos I particularly found really useful to inform me I was making a good choice.  

This story about a normal mum who has had massive success since completing the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy, really got me. 

 Watch her story

Nicki made it clear from the outset that she was willing to educate a person fully. This means she could provide the basic copywriting training I needed to succeed. 

I must admit I watched most of the trainings when having a sneaky coffee when I went out for a run. I know, so not healthy, but hey!

She shared exactly what the course content included, which far outstripped everything I had expected. She could train me to pitch to clients, build my business and give me access to a nurturing support group. 

Then it was just a question of price.

At the moment, I plan to overpay our mortgage. So I didn’t have a lot spare. 

Her main price point for this course is the $$$ (prices change) , which, okay, is more than Elna’s, but I figured it was so comprehensive it was worth the money. 

What was fab was that she was willing to do a payment plan, which really broke it down for me. It has made it possible for me to start my new copywriting venture!

Access the free training here

Experiences and progress so far (April 2020)

I am now in my sixth week of the course. It has come at the right time, considering that now I have time on my hands to get started. 

I’ve learned that it’s best to pace yourself and not to try to learn too much at once! I can’t tell you how excited I am at the fact that I have worked on 3 exciting projects for real clients! In the space of 6 weeks, I have built my portfolio site,  created examples of copy, and found 3 great designers to work with! 

Throughout this time, I have been able to go to the CCA’s Facebook group for constructive feedback on my assigned tasks. Nicki and her supporting coach Kate have been super constructive but also very honest about how I can improve. 

So far, I have learned how to write copy for web pages, product descriptions, landing pages, emails, and banner ads. Nicki encourages you to practice regularly so the skills you need develop. 

This week, my next step is to start pitching to new clients! Eeek!

In the next couple of months, I will be updating this section of the post, so you can see exactly what I have achieved by making the leap and becoming a freelance copywriter. 

I am soo excited! 

Questions and Thoughts – Comprehensive Copywriting Academy

Underneath here, you will see examples of other questions I was asking myself, so you can get a feel for what’s involved with copywriting, more information on the course, and whether it fits you. 

If you have any questions, as always, email me at:

What does copywriting mean?

Copywriting is writing to persuade somebody to take action. In another post, I dive into some examples of copywriting that I have written, and I discuss in more depth what copywriters do.

Can anyone make money as a copywriter? 

Yes – you just need to be consistent and persistent.

Nicki Krawczyk is the copywriting coach over at Filthy Rich Writer.

 She explains exactly how to work from home as a copywriter and make great money. From beginners with no experience (like me!), to people who feel they need direction to focus their copywriting experience. You may even be a freelance writer already who writes content – it’s still relevant. 

Make no mistake, this isn’t a quick fix to success. You need to put in the time and effort to get to where you want to be. 

Take a look at the free training – see if it’s for you.

Is copywriting easy? 

I’ve found there’s a lot to take in about copywriting. 

What sets this course apart from others I researched at the time was the amount of ACTUAL training to become a copywriter there is. 

A complete beginner could pick up this course and be successful.

Nicki’s original inspiration came from this scenario.

 She had hired two junior copywriters and needed to get them up to speed quickly. To do this, she developed lessons on how to smash the basics.

The course is so easy to follow. But at the same time, Nicki never claims that copywriting is easy to break into. 

What she does say is that it is important to take time to learn copywriting skills and gain experience.

She believes in setting you on the correct path along with a reality check -that you need to put the work in to achieve.

The deciders for me to take this course were: 

  1. This online copywriting course will teach me how to write different types of copy. 
  2. It will help me push through my confidence issues. 
  3. It will provide me with a highly nurturing network of other copywriters. 
  4. It will help me with the steps I need to get clients. 
  5. It will help me build my portfolio site and business. 
  6. It does not cost an absolute fortune! 

Nicki is such a lovely, grounded, unassuming lady. It really comes across in this post.

Read the article

Is there a real demand for copywriters? 

Picture this:

So many business owners out there, with little or no spare time on their hands. 

They want help:

  •  to grow their reach
  •  to grow their brand message
  • to make even more money.

If you help them solve these problems, they will pay more for it! 

Woman researching on phone the possibilities of becoming a copywriter

But aren’t there too many copywriters already?

This was a real thing for me when I was looking into possible freelance careers.

I didn’t want to get stuck in a race to the lowest price – fighting for the project, charging pennies. 

With this course, you don’t have to join the rat race using sites such as Fiverr or Upwork to be booked up with client work. 

 If you haven’t already, view the free training:

HOW TO LAND FREELANCE COPYWRITING WORK…Without Wasting Time on Frustrating Job Bidding Sites or Cold-Calling Strangers. 

Nicki explains how she has been so successful herself via these bitesize techniques.

What does this online copywriting course cover? 

It’s such a pain when you can’t find any specific information about what a course includes.

 This certainly wasn’t true with this course.

 Nicki was very specific, but here is a summary anyway, so you have it in one place. 

Nicki covers: 

 How to write the different types of online copy

  • Banner Ads
  • Webpages 
  • Emails 
  • Email funnels 
  • Product descriptions 
  • Facebook ads
  • About pages 
  • Landing pages 
  • Sales pages 

How to write the different types of printed copy

  • Brochures
  • Flyers 
  • Leaflets

 Not only that, she actually trains you on how to: 

  • Build your copywriting portfolio
  • Find clients
  • Build your business

Read the full interview with Nicki here

An insider’s only view of the core copywriting modules

-Module 1: Copywriting Fundamentals

-Module 2: Copywriting Tactics

-Module 3: Project Lifecycle

-Module 4: Interactive/Digital Copywriting

-Module 5: Print Copywriting

-Module 6: Building your Business

All the modules have action sheets. 

They are designed to give you real copywriting practice and build your portfolio. I posted each of mine to the Facebook group, and they gave brilliant, constructive feedback! 

Deep dive bonus modules 

One question that also occurred to me was. What bonuses do I get? Does the course actually offer more of a deep-dive approach to certain topics? A bit like an opportunity to truly master skills once I had learned the basics? 

The answer is yes it does. The amount of bonus courses within the CCA is actually overwhelming. 

The deep dive areas are about building confidence, finding clients, and writing copy for specific purposes. 

Here are some that I can see right now: 

  • Bust Your Fears and Blocks to Pursue Your Dream Life
  • How to Price Your Services
  • Find Small Business Clients 
  • How to Create Spec Ads
  • Build Your Online Portfolio
  • How to Use Facebook to Build Your Business 
  • Client Pitching 
  • Create Your Print Portfolio
  • Write Product Descriptions, Webinars, Sales Pages, and Videos. 

There’s even a whole course dedicated to how to land Ad-Agency and In-House Agency work if you prefer not to be freelance. 

The fact that I feel totally overwhelmed looking at the sheer amount of content I have to help me achieve my goals tells you that this course is great value for money. 

My schedule is crazy – will I have time to do a copywriting course?

I find that you can do as little or as much as you want to do. I tend to find that if I do too much, I can’t retain as much.

If you are struggling for time, picture it like this. The time it takes you to have a cup of coffee every day. That’s all the time you need every day. So fitting learning in can be easy. 

Does the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy come with coaching?

When you sign up for the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy, you have access to coaching webinars every single month, where you can ask Nicki any questions you have. 

No question is too basic.

This is working brilliantly for me. Questions come to me as I start to work through examples and learn more. 

On top of group coaching sessions every month, you have access to an exclusive Facebook group.

This group is chock full of people who are so supportive and will answer your questions. Nicki is on every day to help, and she has provided me with so much constructive feedback. 

The course is so nurturing and supportive – nothing is too much trouble for anybody.

If you want to upgrade to 1-on-1 coaching, this is available at an extra cost. 

How much does this copywriting course cost? 

Let me be frank here, this course is by no means the cheapest of the online copywriting courses out there. We’re not dealing with pennies here!

It goes back to what my dad always says – that you really do get what you pay for.

Cheap means not comprehensive or in-depth enough. Or not step-by-step, so you truly understand what you are doing. 

And then doing the familiar thing of searching the internet again -trying to find the answer. 

How do I make the course cost back quickly?

Nicki has a solution for the cost of the course. 

  • Even though she always says that she is confident her course will pay you back many, many times in income!
  • One of the first training videos is her ideas of how you can earn money quickly to pay back the cost of the course. 
  • She even gives three easy options

So it really is a no-brainer!

What about a money guarantee? 

Yes. Every course that is worth the money has.  

For me, it was an investment worth making, as it came with a 30-day guarantee.

Find out more

Is the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy legit? 

Yes. Nicki has around 20 years of experience in the world of copywriting. 

The other measure to check is if the coach puts their actual name to the program and she has.

You can look her up freely on the internet and check her credentials. 

Here is the link to her portfolio site

Who is the founder of Filthy Rich Writer?

Nicki Krawczyk copywriter and founder of Filthy Rich Writer brand

The founder of Filthy Rich Writer is Nicki Krawczyk. She is an uber-experienced copywriter, as I’ve said above, who has worked for brands like Adidas, Reebok, TJMaxx, AT&T, and many more well-known brands.

I always believe in learning from people who have done the things I want to achieve.

Nicki clearly has achieved huge, sustainable success, including signing high-ticket clients, so I was excited to learn from her.

Have there been any negative reviews of Filthy Rich Writer?

Not that I know of from people who have actually taken the course and actioned over 75% of it.

Why write copy over content writing? 

For me, I love the process of convincing someone to take action or to buy a product. 

Top tip 

It is completely up to you, and you ideally should do what interests you the most.

Try not to be influenced by what anybody thinks you should do. 

This is your future career, and you should be happy in your new role. 

Can I become a millionaire with copywriting?

Of course, you can. It really depends on what you want out of life, and how much work you are prepared to put in. Copywriting is not a get-rich-quick scheme – don’t be surprised if you don’t make anywhere near this in your first few years. You need to focus on building your experience, skills, all the social proof from your clients, and then you can raise your prices to start commanding way more money.

Can you make over 10k a month with copywriting?

Like my friend, Lisa Johnson says – if there are people out there doing the thing, then yes, it is possible. The great thing about earning this kind of money from copywriting is that many people out there are doing this. As I said above though, it takes time to get to this income level.

I’m looking for copywriting courses in India – will this course serve me if I live outside the US?

Yes, I am from the UK, and the UK is very different than the US. Comprehensive Copywriting Academy covers all you need to know to set up as an international copywriter. It gives you the foundations of a fantastic and lucrative business, where you can charge way more than you ever thought you could for your new skills.

Benefits of copywriting summary

  • It pays so much more than content writing!
  • It lets you potentially work less for more money.
  • Copywriting lets you fit work around your family.
  •  You can definitely work from home.
  • Total beginners can become copywriters with the right support and constructive feedback. 
  • Copywriting is so varied – the amount and focus of projects is limitless. 
  • Every word counts – you learn the art of persuading somebody to do something

Are copywriting courses worth it?

Find the right copywriter course and YESS, they are worth EVERY dollar! Take me, who isn’t the fastest example of exiting my main role, but a realistic one. I have made over $17,000 part-time in 18 months. But it’s not just about the money – it’s so much more than that. It’s the chance to work from home, and be home with my husband and furbaby, Sasha. I get to work with some awesome people who genuinely need me to help them with their business messaging.

What could be better?


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