having a stunning website is not a luxury, it's essential:

2 week websites 

Websites for ethical dog trainers and dog behaviourists that are designed to make it easy for clients to book your services and help you stand out in your industry as the go-to expert and obvious choice you are. 

make an impact on as many dogs as possible

...and spend less time on admin, and back and forth emails and messages. 

You didn't become a dog trainer to be chained to your computer or be answering the same queries every evening, that you know could be answered quickly and easily via a website. 

real results

"I can highly recommend working with Helen.
Helen, your work has made my job so much easier. "

Tara, AI Coach, wanted more time to spend in her zone of genius. She needed her website to offer a seamless flow for attracting lovely new people into her incredible membership. 

- Tara Mayo


"I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.

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- monique, model


2 week  Websites


Having a website allows people to see what you offer 24/7, allowing them to decide whether you are right for them and their dog BEFORE they book. Result? More impact on the dogs you specialise in helping.  


Options for including a booking system on your website, which enables dog training clients to book with you and make payments.

get hours of time back

You are a lovely person, but you need downtime too. Having a place where you can send potential clients will be a game changer for you, reducing time spent answering FAQs and common concerns. 

what you get:

Investment: £3000 (split into 3 equal payments)

  • Consult call
  • Fully customized and mobile responsive site up to 6 pages
  • Website built on Squarespace
  • Site wide search engine optimisation
  • Domain connection
  • Social media and email marketing system connection
  • Training call so you can edit your own website easily. 

schedule a free consult call →


You need a new website or a refresh for your dog training or behaviourist business. 

Want to get started on your dog trainer website? 

Why me

i'm not like many designers

Who will deliver a fabulous website, but then leave you to figure out how to edit the darn thing. 

When we work together, you are deeply involved in creating your website vision. I empower you with my strategic marketing knowledge, so you make decisions best for YOUR business and not some guru who told you to do it that way. 



Align your website with your big impact goals. 


Build an online presence so dog owners can check out your services 24/7


Have your website created in less time and with less faff. 


Free up your time doing the things that will make the difference and bring you joy. 

this is for you.

“Helen, it looks REALLY good.
It looks really professional!!Eeeek! "



Book a Free Consult Call 

On this call we'll discuss your ideal website. Please fill in the inquiry form so I have key information before the call. Book your free consult call below too. 

On this call I'll help you clarify your ideas, so you go away with a clear plan for your website transformation. Fill out the inquiry form then book a free consult call below. We'll see if we're a good fit, then if we are, I'll send over the contract invoice and get you booked in. 

Transformation Planning Call

On day 1, we meet to go through what you want your website to do and how you want it to look. 

Then I get on with building out your home page first, so you can give feedback on the initial design. 


In 2 weeks I build or refresh your website. I'll give you a day by day schedule and clear dates when I need feedback from you, so we can get your website launched. 

Launch Day 

I want you to feel empowered going forwards.
You will get a free live tutorial from me on the final Friday of the build, that will be recorded so you can do key edits to your website with ease. 

I get excited when I know I've captured the essence of you.


As an artist for many years, I'm truly passionate about capturing the soul via my paintings.
(The eyes are the key!)
It's much the same with websites if you want to stand out as the OBVIOUS choice in your industry.


You're an ethical dog trainer or behaviourist.

It's not ALL about the money for you. The 6 and 7 figure business achievements - you've smashed those. But now you want to call in more income while you enjoy being present for your kids.
You want to create an impact legacy for them and the clients you serve. 

My 2 week website are for you

if you want:

+ a stunning website that captures you 

+ to be the only choice in your field

+ to get things done in a shorter time frame

+ to simplify your client attraction process

want something like that?

oh yes helen, i'm in →

what's the investment?

2 week website 

(in 3 equal payments)

Next steps

1. Fill in the inquiry form below
2. Book a free consult call. 

More client love

“i love that you can see my vision.”


Frequently asked questions

VIP website sprints

No, I will likely need you give me feedback on pre-agreed deadlines that I will go through with you on the transformation call at the beginning of the project. 

Will I need to be available throughout the 2 weeks?

I start with a base template either on Showit or Go High Level and customise from there to your needs. The template just provides a springboard for me to do my design magic.

The Showit templates I recommend are from Tonic Websites and I can give you a discount off them. 

If you are going with one of the all-in-one versions of Go High Level, or Go High Level itself, there are no additional costs for templates.  

Do you create custom websites?

Go High Level and versions: You need to sign up to the platform, which is typically around $97 a month. 
Showit: I customise Tonic Site Shop templates and these range from $1000 (they do up to 6 month payment plans) Showit customers will also need to purchase hosting from Showit. If you have or need a blog like I have, you will need the top tier. (Tonic gives discount off your first year, when you buy a template) 

What additional costs do I need to be aware of?

No this isn't part of the service, but I do have a helpful guide that you can work through. 

Will you help me with writing my website pages?



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