What is Calendly? 

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Calendly is a brilliant online appointment booking software that allows dog parents to book an appointment with you easily. You can share a link with dog parents, and also embed Calendly on your website. 

It is also cheaper than others out there like Acuity. 

What is Calendly? A guide for dog trainers

Can you really use Calendly for booking appointments in the dog training space? 

Yes it works for dog trainers too! You just need to hook it up to your calendar, set your availability and your appointment types and you’re good to go. 

Why use Calendly in your dog training business? 

This tool is amazing for saving you time on the back and forth emails you would normally send to a dog parent if they were booking for example a consultation call with you. 

You can send them your Calendly link and they can book in a call, and if you have a paid plan, can receive email and text reminders of the appointment automatically. 

Is Calendly free? 

You can get a free account, but if you want to save time on the back and forth emailing I recommend the Standard Plan (see pricing table below) as you have automated emails and text included with this plan. 

Do I need another subscription on top of other things I’m paying out for? 

I get it that you probably want to keep your business expenses low, especially when you are in the first months of your business. 

So let’s think about this slightly differently. 

I want you to think about how much time it takes you to respond to people who want to schedule a consultation call. Add up the time it takes to email them or respond to them via message. 

How much do you charge per hour for training? Then figure out how much manually emailing or messaging them is costing you each time. 

Calendly is likely going to be cheaper at approx $12 a month if you pay monthly.

I’m guessing the amount you were costing your business doing this manually was £100+ a month. 

Calendly pricing table 2024

Simplify your dog training booking system with Calendly

I’ve created a training specifically for dog trainers, on how to set up Calendly for your training business. 

It will get you up and running within an hour so you can get dog parents booked in with more ease from this week!

Calendly automation training for dog trainers

It’s not just the basic setup – it will help you set up automated emails and text reminders, so you save money and time by not having to manually do this yourself every time a dog parent asks you to book a consultation call. 

You can even set up paid sessions via Calendly! 

Why is Calendly so good? 

Calendly is easy for your dog parents to use 

Dog parents will find it easy to use as the forms are very clear and uncluttered. Also Calendly gives them choices – they can opt-in for text reminders if this works well for them. 

Here is an example from inside my Calendly. It’s so modern and easy to see everything on the screen. If you do worldwide services, Calendly automatically books the call using their timezone.

Calendly is user friendly for dog parents

Calendly gives you opportunities to organise dog parents before the call

You can use the description space above to remind dog parents to bring things or give hints at what you may need so you can best assess the next steps to helping their dog for example – medication records, vet opinion on anxiety or any diagnoses that may affect training techniques.

It keeps your show up rate high

Everyone is busy and prone to forget to turn up to the consultation calls. Calendly ensures you remind dog parents to show up, or gives them an easy option to reschedule or cancel, without you having to lift a finger. 

It protects your time 

This also protects your time, as Calendly notifies you if someone cancels, meaning that you don’t wait around for someone who is a no-show. 

Calendly allows you to set up availability so you have balance in your business 

I love this feature because in my business it protected my business week and encouraged me to stick to my own boundaries. Want to schedule discovery calls on a Tuesday only so you batch them out? 

You can set your availability for different services and calls, so that you never become overworked or double book yourself by accident. 

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