The Kickstart Group Programme 

A high-touch premium container for coaches and service providers who are ready to build a simple, highly converting website that will help you be more visible online, attract new pre-qualified clients and build an email list so you can have a community of red hot potential clients that you can nurture without worrying about an algorithm and make more sales while focusing on joy in your business. 

Kickstart combines exclusive website design video training with regular group drop-ins, unmatched 1:1 support throughout your website design journey, and access to a fabulous community of action-takers to help you implement FASTER. 

So, if you are ready to take your website to the next level, attract high-ticket clients, and make an impact on more people while protecting your precious time and being present with your loved ones, you are in the right place!

Imagine with me for a moment that you are…


Excited because your website is doing the heavy lifting and prequalifying your leads for you. You hear LET’S DO THIS on discovery calls or via your intake form, rather than the money objections you are tired of. 


You are relaxed and energised because your website is highly visible in search results and offers a fabulous, luxury nurturing experience. Now you are attracting clients who are excited to buy into your offers.


Welcoming more people into your world, via search engines, 24/7, and you know how to build this traffic every month whilst demonstrating your expertise and authenticity. WITHOUT needing to dance around on socials every day.
All this means you can work way less, be more present with your loved ones, and take that trip around Europe or that yoga session in the middle of the day.

this is for you.

But right now, is this more familiar? 

You know you need to refresh or build your website, but every time you sit at the computer, life happens, or you end up in a Google search rabbit hole. Before you know it, you’ve wasted hours, and you’re no closer to your goal. 

You’re not attracting aligned clients because your branding is off, but you’re not sure how to make your website look like a premium brand.

Maybe you’ve seen a competitor’s website and tried to get that luxury look by hiring a designer from Fiverr, and it was a total disaster. You ended up with a site that looks and feels so clunky and cheap that you feel embarrassed to share it with anyone. 

When it comes to selling your offers, you crave to move away from your 1:1 model as it is a time suck. You feel like this is so far away right now, although you see others in your industry successfully making recurring revenue with group programmes and one-to-many offers. 

What they say

client love

lorraine moved from overwhelm to action

“Her patience, kindness and knowledge of all aspects of my online presence, was a tremendous resource to finally get things done.”

I have a deeper understanding of how to navigate the website tech of my online business, the dimensions of email marketing, and how to simplify my copywriting, to convey my message more clearly. 

- Lorraine


“Helen was absolutely brilliant!”

I wasn't very tech savvy. I had chosen FEA Create but I didn't know what I was doing and didn't have the time and knowledge to build my website myself. My branding was very specific and Helen worked amazingly well with my branding expert, with very few amendments necessary. 

Highly recommend! 

- Sarah

Lettings expert -

wellness practitioner -

You have been spinning your wheels for months now, feeling like a premium website is out of reach despite investing before…

So maybe you have found yourself…

…wasting money for months on a website platform that a guru recommended, ending up with a large pile of tech, with nothing on your website feeling cohesive and feeling overwhelmed when you try to link it all together.

You’re tired of investing money and time into the self-study courses and the latest tech that leaves you completely stuck, and you know you need the support of an expert to guide you to the finish line, all while EMPOWERING yourself by learning strategic website design. 

You’re ready to kickstart implementing your premium website. 

You’re ready to kickstart implementing your premium website. 


The Kickstart Group Programme

I want you to clear your mind of the noise in the online space right now, of all the gurus clamouring to sell you their website recommendations. Instead, it’s time to focus on growing your premium website based on YOUR business and what makes it unique.

Unlike traditional DIY courses, I pair 1:1 tailored support with constructive feedback that is easy to implement and a supportive community for those who are ready to build a premium website infused with strategy applicable to their business.

You will gain access to 6 modules with easy-to-implement training videos.

the kickstart framework

what's inside

Module 1: Foundations of a Premium Website

Phase 1: Foundations 

In this module, you will make the key decisions and groundwork for your premium website, how it will look, and the messaging, and construct an implementation plan so you stay on track. 

Module 2: Stellar setup

Phase 2: Setup

You will learn the basics of premium website setup in a structured, bite-sized way that will take up only a little of your precious time. 

Module 3: Develop your irresistible lead capture system 

Phase 3: Attract 

Develop a simple yet powerfully effective way of activating prospective clients via your intake form, lead magnet and contact form. 

Module 4: Build your premium website pages

Phase 4: Build and Refine

Build out your stand-out pages, so they speak powerfully to your ideal clients. (About, Home, Services, Portfolio, Contact).

Module 5: Get the tiny details nailed 

Implement my expert web designer techniques to refine the quality of your work, layout, and spacing. Optimise for mobile so your pages exude quality and look highly professional no matter what device people view your website on.

Module 6: Get visible - the SEO gamechanger technique

Phase 5: Visibility (SEO strategies for being seen online)

Ready to be receiving enquiries 24/7? Learn basic on-page SEO techniques that will boost your visibility, meaning that you can take your foot off the gas with social media when you need to, as your website will be seen by the people you want inside your programmes and offers!

Plus these Bonuses...

  • Lead magnet welcome sequence template created by yours truly (a trained conversion copywriter) 
  • Affiliate marketing masterclass - How to add £££ to your income with affiliate marketing 

Get instant access to...

“By creating a premium website like no other, you can expect to attract more high-end clients excited to pay premium prices for your support.”


“Helen, it looks REALLY good.
It looks really professional!!Eeeek! "


What you’ll get as a Kickstart programme member


The Kickstart Framework

6 powerful modules delivered via easy-to-implement video training. (Value £500)


Regular Accountability Calls 

6 Live Biweekly Drop-in Group Calls + Past Week’s Recordings (Value £900)


Supportive Community

You will have unlimited direct access to me via Slack. Between drop-in calls, you can ask your questions and get feedback from me and others in the group. You can also network with others on the same journey!

Dripped access ensures you implement strategically from the start, without overwhelm. Lifetime access to all program training, workbooks, and resources.  

In these sessions, you can get feedback on your work, ask questions and get unstuck. It’s a great opportunity to grow your website and learn from others. Timings will be agreed based on what is best for the group’s availability and to accommodate time zones. (Replays will be available) 

Community Support via Slack (Value £300)

Are you ready to build a premium website? 

Are you ready to build a premium website? 

What makes the Kickstart Programme different from other ways to learn how to build your own website? 

the difference

1:1 Website Strategy Call (Value £250)  

(option to upgrade to VIP and get 2 more calls)

You begin the programme with 60 minutes of my time, where I will help you make a plan for your premium website based on your business goals. In this private call, we’ll discuss what you need to make the most of the programme and our time together. You’ll get ideas from me on where you can take action right away. 

the kickstart difference

Unlimited Project and Design Reviews (£1000)

I’ll be available to give you design feedback on the pages you have created and other asset creation, such as graphics, logos, brand colours, and email nurture sequences (I’m a trained Copyhackers email copywriter, too!).

Monthly Accountability Check-ins (£300)

Every month, I’ll ask you to fill out a quick accountability quiz that will keep you moving forward and implementing key things as we go. From this, I can understand how best to support you through each phase of the program. 

My containers will not be serving more than 10 lovely Kickstarters at a time, meaning you have more time with me, have access to a highly energetic small group of fellow online business owners, and can learn and grow in a safe space, which IMHO is essential for accountability and your success. 

Small Group Support (Value £700)

Total value £3950 


Pay in Full: £1797 

let's do this helen →


You want a website that reflects your brand, but you don't have the budget for a done-for-you premium website.

3 Pay - £599 per month for 3 months

Extended Payment Plan Option - £300 per month for 6 months. 

All pricing includes VAT.

You’re done with trying to figure it out on your own


You don't want to waste countless hours trying to design your website using free tutorials. 

You know that a premium website is a non-negotiable element of your coaching or service provider business

You are ready to get high-touch support to help with building it yourself.

You want to attract high-end clients into your world via a premium website so you can achieve higher income levels.

You are willing to learn and implement fast to achieve your dream website outcome. 

Kickstart is not a fit

for you if:

You are looking for someone to create your premium website for you. 

You aren’t the type of person who enjoys networking and helping others. 

You’re still tempted to return to Fiverr and pay cheap rates for your website. 

You are not willing to set aside the time
to work on not only the design of your site
but the messaging and the aesthetics. 

What are the next steps? 


Fill in the application form


If the programme is a good fit for you, I'll send you a payment link and contract.  


Once done, you will get access to the client portal and we'll get your 1:1 website strategy call booked in. 


You will get dripped access to the course modules and access to the Slack community. 

apply now →

Frequently asked questions

kickstart programme

The Kickstart Programme is for you if you are a coach or service provider and want a premium website but don’t have the budget to pay a website designer to create one.

It’s also for you if you want to understand how to edit and design your site independently as your business grows.

Who is this for? 

The programme is due to start in April 2024. 

When does the programme start?

I love the simplicity and value of Go High Level and all its White Labelled versions. (FEA Create, Funnel Sketchers, Easy Peasy Funnels, Funnel Gorgeous and many, many more)

The Kickstart Modules will guide you through creating a premium website on this platform. Here’s an example of one premium website I created on FEA Create. 

What website platform will we be using? 

Yes. The programme empowers you to edit, maintain, and grow your website beyond the programme. If you want to continue with my support after the three-month programme, this is possible, too. 

Will I be able to edit and maintain my website after the programme ends? 

Can you guarantee results? 

Kickstart will work if you are willing to implement what you learn and are open to feedback. I can’t offer a guarantee because I can’t guarantee or predict what you’ll put into action. That being said, my framework, providing you implement it, will help you create a premium website of your own, no matter what industry you are in.  

“Helen, it looks REALLY good.
It looks really professional!!
Eeeek! " 


I'd love to support you


I can't wait to help you elevate your website to premium. Click the button below to apply now! 



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