Website Case Study on FEA Create – Lessons in Lettings

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Website Case Study on FEA Create

Lessons in Lettings  

Context of the project

Sarah came to me eager to get her website live so that she could build her new online lettings business. The platform she had chosen was a version of High Level called FEA Create. 

This is an all-in-one platform that you can purchase a monthly subscription for $97 and it means you don’t need many other pieces of expensive tech to run your online business. Read more about FEA Create here

Sarah had been looking to create a website based on some amazing brand design done by Alison Boote. The website on FEA Create was partially created but didn’t fit the brand stipulations, and Sarah needed an FEA Create developer who could customise the site’s fonts and design to align closely with the brand guidelines. 

What we implemented 


I custom-coded the website fonts and colours so they matched the brand guidelines, optimising key aspects of the site, such as buttons, images and layout. This meant editing the code on every page, as FEA Create doesn’t have a global setting for this yet. 

Overall, I recreated around 7 pages for Sarah so they were as close to the brand guidelines as possible. This included optimising the pages for mobile. 

(FEA says they are already optimised, but in reality, the pages can look clunky, and the spacing looks off if you don’t optimise each page for mobile manually) 

Appointment calendar 

Sarah needed a basic setup of her appointment calendar so she could get going with 1:1 sessions as we built out the site. I linked up Zoom for her so she could seamlessly book meetings. 


I also built automation that tagged new subscribers as they signed up for Sarah’s newsletter. 


I created a blog template that Sarah could easily use and set fonts that were as close as possible to the custom fonts on her website. (At this time, FEA Create doesn’t allow us to add custom fonts to the blog builder) 


Sarah was conscious that she would need to edit her website, so I provided her with key tutorials on how to do the key things she would need to do. 


Sarah was so happy to hire me for this project as then she was free to build out her offers and focus on her high-ticket offerings. It also meant she could share her website confidently as it now looks the way she dreamed it would. 

She commented:

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