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Woman on a laptop training to be a copywriter

$100k copywriting income? Is real, or is it a scam?

My thoughts and feelings about Filthy Rich Writer’s online copywriting course, Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. 

This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. This doesn’t affect the price you pay, or if it is free, it will remain free. Know that I only promote products that I know, use, like, and trust. If it was 💩 you wouldn’t be hearing about it from me x

Just before we begin, I want to add some context to my blog post so you can see that this is not a get-rich-quick thing – I was a primary school teacher in Lancashire at the time, so pretty normal kind of life. I wanted to get out as it was exhausting and I was frustrated constantly at the inefficiences that led to me working silly hours!

Things came into focus for me when my lovely old cavvie Jasper died. I don’t have kids so he was like a child in the family. I’d looked at possible exit routes and one of them I chose not long after Jasper died was blogging. After 2 years of working consistently on my money saving blog, budgetingisachallenge, it started to make me some semi-passive income. (I sold the site in October 2022 but you can still see some of my articles that were purchased by – just search for Helen.

I took this course because I was blogging as a side income. It wasn’t enough to get me out of teaching. 

It intrigued me that people were making more money from copywriting. Established copywriters were making $50k, some over $80k, and one in a group was on track to make six figures. 

I initially mistook it for copyrighting. Still, to this day, people need clarification on my role. (I sometimes don’t correct them anymore, as it usually ends up with me explaining and them with a glazed look in their eyes). 

Anyway, the point is, it’s an encouraging sign when you’ve signed up for a course to see the others further on than you bringing work in—highly-paid work. 

One lady, Erin, replaced her teaching income in 6 weeks after aiming to do it in 5 months. 

Curious to see if this could work for you too?

Nicki, the course creator, and founder, has created a free training, which I also watched before signing up. (I remember being excited about new opportunities while supping on my Greggs cappuccino) 


Comprehensive Copywriting Academy not only helped me learn copywriting skills, but it also gave me a boost in confidence. As a teacher, I had taken a huge confidence hit – working long hours had ground me down over time. In 2023, I’m just realising how much better I feel as a copywriter. 

Comprehensive Copywriting Academy proved I could get paid way more than the £15 ($19) an hour I was earning as a teacher. 

One particularly frustrating day, I sat in my classroom and worked out my hourly rate based on the ridiculous hours I had worked that month.

I figured out it was no more than £15 an hour. 

So you’re probably wondering…

Are copywriting courses worth it?

Errm yes in my experience.

Or maybe you’re asking yourself…

Is the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy worth it?

Yes it is. 

I developed a consistent income outside of teaching within 6 months using my learned skills. 

Each year for me continues to bring an uplift in my copywriting income. Year 2 was 400% more than Year 1. I can’t wait to share with you the final uplift in 2023! 

When I started, I felt slightly anxious that this kind of copywriter training wouldn’t work – after all, from this day forward, I had decided to commit to my exit from a stable income. It was a serious step. I was the sole wage earner, so I needed this move to be right the first time. 

You can read more about my journey here.  (July 2023’s update just in on this post)

I had a couple of options swirling around my head at first—things I’d seen online. One was Elna Cain’s course. She was well respected and charged over $1k per blog post. 

So I was impressed by that and followed her for a long time as a fellow blogger. She was always so open and shared many of her strategies for free. 

Another was Mike Shreeve’s No Pants Project – he offered coaching, but it was a very narrow focus. To be honest, it was too expensive.

The Facebook AD 

Something about Nicki’s ad resonated with me, and I signed up for the free training. It answered my main concern. How do I get clients? 

HOW TO LAND FREELANCE COPYWRITING WORK…Without Wasting Time on Frustrating Job Bidding Sites or Cold-Calling Strangers. 

The caveat on copywriting course reviews

Before you dig deep into my review, I want you to be assured that I have used this course to get results. Some copywriting course reviews are also clearly just informational reviews and don’t contain any real life experience of the person using the course.

This isn’t the case here as you will see – feel free to ask me any questions as they pop into your mind.

There is a real person at the end of an email, (me!) ready to give you answers based on my experiences.

I also have another post that details my progress month by month from the beginning.

Filthy Rich Writer Reviews – My Journey Into Copywriting

Anyway, let’s dig in.

What does the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy cover? 

Woman training to be a copywriter

It’s such a pain when you can’t find any specific information about what a course includes.

 This certainly wasn’t true with this course.

 Nicki was very specific, but here is a summary anyway, so you have it in one place. 

The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy covers: 

Welcome Course and Module 0  

  • How to navigate the course and suggested order of training 
  • Joining the Facebook group 
  • Getting started and how to get feedback 
  • Mindset training and planning for success 
  • Mastering the basic skills. 
  • It’s basically helping you get into the headspace you need to be in for learning and to stay motivated. 

Modules 1-6 

Module 1: Copywriting Fundamentals 

  • The basics you need to know about copy as a copywriter. 

Module 2: Copywriting Tactics 

  • From writing killer headlines to creating drafts and editing, this is everything you need to write compelling copy. 

Module 3: Project Lifecycle 

  • How to run a copywriting project from zero to done
  • How to collaborate with other people on a copywriting. (Think business owners, designers) 

Module 4: Interactive/Digital Copywriting 

  • How to write emails, website copy, banner ads, mobile platform copy.

Module 5: Print Copywriting

  • How to write newspaper and magazine ads, direct mail, printed sales letters, and writing for corporates. 

Module 6: Building your Business 

  • Building your resume and portfolio 
  • How to build your experience when you have none. 
  • What prices to charge for your services. 
  • How to invoice and track your income 
  • Knowing the difference between freelance, on-staff and agency roles.

Coaching Calls and 1:1 Coaching

  • Live calls every two weeks where students can submit questions before or ask questions live. 
  • You can book a 1:1 coaching call with coaches who have been through Comprehensive Copywriting Academy and have successful copywriting careers. 
  • Copy critiques by expert copy coaches. 

Student Facebook Group 

  • Ultra-supportive place with thousands of other students also learning 
  • Feedback on your work
  • Ongoing support from a community during and after the course. 

Bonus Courses 

Bonus courses free with Comprehensive Copywriting Academy
More bonus courses free with Comprehensive Copywriting Academy

Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

Back in 2020, it was a game-changer for me, and I’ve never looked back. It could be for you too.

Get the free training here

Build your portfolio 

  • How to create your website and what to put on it. 
  • How to create speculative ads when you have no experience (Speculative ads are examples of copy you have created for a real company but it’s not for a real project) 
  • What you shouldn’t have on your copywriter website 
  • FAQs 

Land work 

  • FAQs about landing work and pricing your services 
  • How to pitch prospective clients 
  • How to land ad agency and in-house agency work 
  • How to nail client discovery calls
  • How to work with small businesses 

Write for specific mediums 

  • How to write product descriptions 
  • How to write highly-converting Facebook ads 
  • How to write for solopreneurs 
  • How to write sales pages 
  • How to write webinars 
  • How to write videos 
  • How to write press releases 
  • How to write online sales letters 
  • How to create marketing funnels 
  • How to write highly-converting content 

Bust through resistance 

  • How to bust through your fears and blocks to pursue your dream life. 
  • Further mindset resources 

Build your business further 

  • How to use Facebook to build your business further 
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn profile 
  • How to always be working 

Special events 

  • Replays of special events like summits, or masterclasses that have taken place and are super-beneficial to watch. 

What are the benefits of the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy? 

As a writer graduating from Filthy Rich Writer’s Academy: 

  • I can consistently write higher-performing copy because of the clear training I’ve received. 
  • I could lead projects immediately with confidence in my abilities and skills. 
  • I can command higher prices because I’ve worked on my mindset and understanding of the value I can bring to a business. 
  • I know how to attract my ideal prospective clients and convert them into paying clients. (I am not the most outgoing person on the planet, so if I can do it, so can you!) 
  • I have created and optimised my copywriter website with CCA’s help and this continues to bring in more clients for me. 

Sound good?

Back in 2020, it was a game-changer for me, and I’ve never looked back. It could be for you too.

Check out the free training here >>

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