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So you’re thinking about building your website. It can be a bit overwhelming, so here’s a guide for you to get you started. Whether you are a copywriter, or a business, these are the pages in a website that are essential for you to grow your brand’s reach.

Helen Nuttall home page about section


It’s pretty much a given that your home page is likely the one that most people will find first. It needs to be eye-catching and grab their attention instantly. 

One way of doing this is to have a ‘hero’ image at the top of your page, with a quick tag line as to what you do, and a call-to-action for them to do what you want them to do. This might be to click through to schedule a call with you, or it may be to find out more about the main product you are selling.

You ideally want to hook them in before they need to start scrolling down. 

A homepage can include many things for example: 

  • Testimonials from past clients
  • A small about section so you can introduce yourself right away
  • Examples of services or products you offer.

All this said, it’s important not to include too many images because it can slow down the loading speed of your page. To make sure users have a great experience on your website, you may want to minimize the number of images and install an image minimizing plugin if you’re using WordPress.

Home Page Examples 

Amy Porterfield 

I just love this home page. Just from the hero section, you can see who Amy is and what she does. There’s a clear call-to-action before you even scroll down.

Amy Porterfield Home page example

She has sections promoting her podcast and freebie leadmagnets that serve as an introduction to her courses.

About page 

The about page needs to be written as personally as possible. This will help your audience to connect with you on a deeper level before they invest in your products or services. I like to think of it as talking one-on-one with your ideal client. 

Top copywriter tip – make sure this page is also about how you can serve your clients and not just about you only. So what makes you different from anyone else they could hire or buy from? 

A powerful way to make a connection also is to have photos of you or your team, so people can see you are real human beings behind the scenes of your website.

 About Page Examples

The Futur

This is an awesome example of an about page that is more about the mission and the audience rather than a list of qualifications and dates. The brand is ambitious and determined to help as many people as possible be successful on their terms.

The futur about page

Services or Sales Page

This can be highly different depending on what business you are in, but the general principles are the same. This page is an opportunity to give your audience a feel of what you offer. 

It can be in the form of a long sales page where you are essentially writing a letter and promoting a course for example.

Long form sales page example – Maha Copy Co

Mahacopy website copywriting service sales page example

Madison Enos decided to separate her services page. Her signature offer gets a long-form sales page, that consists of different clear sections, designed to nurture the buyer into booking a discovery call with her. She clearly states what her signature offer is, the benefits and then illustrates what life would be like if she helps. 

She also includes proof in the form of data, introduces herself as the expert, and makes it clear who the offer is for. All the while, sprinkling punchy CTAs all the way through, at strategic points. Since this was originally written, she has teamed up with her sister Hal

Read Maha Copy’s Website Copy Service Sales Page

Freelancer Services Page Option

Another option is not to be too descriptive about your services if, for example, you are a freelancer who quotes on each individual project. In this case, you could explain your process on this page, so clients know what to expect.

Copywriter Services Page Example – Jennifer Breeze

Debbie, AKA the Copy Sprite’s rebranded site is awesome – the client journey is so clear, as is her services page. 

She just goes through her process in a super-creative way and then gives a simple but powerful call-to-action.

Copy Sprite process example with a creative theme of spell casting

Be sure to always have a call-to-action button on this page, that takes your customer to where you want them to go next. It may be to schedule a call with you on your calendar, or it may be that you want them to buy your product.

Contact Page 

Contact pages make your customer or client feel that they have a way that they can contact you. So every website needs one. 

I hook mine up to my site’s email box so I can see who has contacted me, what they need help with and from there I send them a link to my calendar availability. 

To make my contact page really clear, I tell people how long approximately it will take to get back to them.

Contact Page Example – Ami Writes

Ami Bolt, a copywriter from the UK, keeps her contact page really brief, but creative at the same time, with clear messaging and an informal tone. I love this contact page as it sounds like she is chatting with a friend.

Ami Bolt's contact page

On a contact page, you can also include: 

  • Telephone number
  • Facebook messenger chat
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Any social share icons so people can follow your pages on social media.


Having a blog page on your website is in my expert opinion, so important for growing your reach via search engine optimization or SEO for short. 

It’s an opportunity to position yourself as an expert because you can answer your audience’s most burning questions, give help on how to do things they might want guidance to do, and also get your products out there by producing guides. 

A blog can increase the amount of people landing on your website and really be a source of increasing revenue over time. 

Pro-tip – remember to update your blog regularly, particularly with key information that may change over time. This ensures Google ranks you highly as useful content.

In conclusion 

When building your website, if you include these essential website pages, you have the setup to grow and scale the reach of your business. These pages will give your potential customers or clients a clear path to reach you or buy from you. 

Over time, if you include a blog, you have more chance of growing your reach. The more content you have, the more Google is likely to understand your site and make it more visible online.

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