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One to Many passive income course by Lisa Johnson

I love this time of year – it’s the time of year I get to share this with you – the possibilities that happen when you start working towards a business that is built around the life you want to live and not the other way around. The type of business that doesn’t require 80 hours of your time every week and has you close to burn out.

Step in Lisa Johnson. This is totally worth a ready if you are interested in setting up a recurring revenue stream in your business or you don’t have a business but have an idea, or maybe in time, you want to escape that draining job.

Chances are that you’ve heard of Lisa Johnson’s course One to Many®, and you’re wondering if it’s right for you. I wholeheartedly recommend this course as it’s probably the only one offering a comprehensive solution and framework for creating streams of passive income. She’s made millions herself and continues to do so. 

Proof of what the course leader has achieved is important when you are thinking about making a big investment like this. 

Let’s dig in. 

This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. This doesn’t affect the price you pay, or if it is free, it will remain free. Know that I only promote products that I know, use, like, and trust. If it was 💩 you wouldn’t be hearing about it from me x

Not got long to read? 


Creating recurring revenue:

Helps you reach so many more people than you would with your 1:1 sessions, say if you are a coach.

Gives you another income stream in your business that can be life-changing. You don’t have to work as hard.  This is perfect for service providers, so you can get some time back every week.

Is a semi-passive way of making money. Yes, you need to do some work at the beginning to set it up and launch it every few months. 

Can be a passive way of making money too (if you create a self-study course or set your idea to evergreen or working all the time) 

One to Many® is the best online program for creating a whole suite of recurring revenue (in my humble opinion). The program will pay for itself many, many times!

As part of the 2024 launch of One To Many, I am partnering with Lisa because she gets real results for herself and for her students.

Full details of my One to Many 2024 bonuses! UPDATED 10th March!

Here you’ll find the FULL lowdown of support I’m offering including accountability throughout OTM.

Click on my Gdoc for more details and OTM 2023 student testimonials

My One to Many Bonus Programme

As part of purchasing via my affiliate link, you get free access to my 3 month brand new coaching container, Kickstart for OTM (adapted especially for OTM peeps)

All you have to do is ensure you click through the link as you purchase and then you’ll be enroled in my programme too!

Sign up here using my affiliate link

I’ve curated this with a strong focus on implementation, so the coaching container is starting in September 2024.


Because you will be working through OTM first, implementing that, and then you will be freed up to build out the rest of your premium website with my support.

( I can also help you get your templated funnel on Funnel Sketchers looking like you want it to – Double win!).

Details of my One to Many bonus programme

Go to my Instagram stories to check out my bonus programme

What’s inside your One to Many bonus Helen?

It’s a space inside my new Kickstart Group for OTM coaching container (3 months support worth £997)

It’s perfect for you if you want to build a simple, highly converting website that will help you be more visible online, and build an email list so you can make more sales while focusing on joy in your business.

Support for Funnel Sketchers, FEA Create, Easy Peasy Funnels, Modern, Funnel Gorgeous and other versions of Go High Level and of course, Go High Level.

More details – The Kickstart Program for OTM starting September 2024

One to Many Lisa Johnson my bonus program Kickstart for building a premium website

You’ll get access to a step-by-step course following my Kickstart framework:

Phase 1: Foundations of a premium website

In this module, you will make the key decisions and groundwork for your premium website, how it will look, and the messaging, and construct an implementation plan so you stay on track.

Phase 2: Setup

You will learn the basics of premium website setup in a structured, bite-sized way that will take up only a little of your precious time.

Phase 3: Attract – Develop your irresistible lead capture system

Develop a simple yet powerfully effective way of activating prospective clients via your intake forms, lead magnets or contact form.

Phase 4: Build and Refine

Build out your premium website pages , so they speak powerfully to your ideal clients. (About, Home, Services, Portfolio, Contact).

Implement my expert web designer techniques to refine the quality of your work, layout, and spacing. Optimise for mobile so your pages exude quality and look highly professional no matter what device people view your website on.

Phase 5: Visibility (SEO strategies for being seen online)

Get visible – the SEO gamechanger technique? Ready to be receiving enquiries 24/7? Learn basic on-page SEO techniques that will boost your visibility, meaning that you can take your foot off the gas with social media when you need to, as your website will be seen by the people you want inside your programmes and offers!

You’ll also get access to high-touch support:

  • Bimonthly drop-in sessions where you can get help on things so you get unstuck quickly

What is the idea of one to many? 

Basically there’s only so much time in the day that you can work. Within that time, there are only so many clients you can take on too. 

The idea of one to many means you can move towards teaching or serving more people in the same amount of time. 

You could create a course, membership, or group program or provide a monthly subscription box. 

What is a stream of recurring revenue or an income stream? 

This is an asset you create that you can make money from time and time again. It brings in more income for you. 

Here’s the lowdown on recurring revenue

Example – A video training on how to take a great photo with an iPhone. 

You record the training and then let people buy it. It’s available all year round and brings in some income every month because it helps people solve a simple problem. 

How has recurring revenue helped me in my business?

Before we dive into OTM any deeper, I want you to know my backstory and why I am so passionate about bringing this opportunity to your attention.

I have had a squiggly journey into passive income. It started in 2008 when I was skint and without it I wouldn’t have been able to pay the mortgage. So I decided to rent out my spare rooms.

This is one of the house mates I welcomed in at the time and now I class her as a lifelong friend.

Meet Marina.

Helen and Marina her lodger who helped Helen create recurring revenue

Read my story here

A bit of luck came our way

My next forays into recurring revenue happened later. My husband came into some money he didn’t realise he had. Long story short – we became landlords and at one point had 3 rental houses. Now we have two plus our home that we rent out while we live in Malta.

We are so grateful for this income because both of us have suffered in different ways and degrees from chronic fatigue. The income from the houses allowed my husband to choose if he worked or not. It allowed me to take a job supply teaching, which was way less draining than being a full time class teacher.

A pivotal moment and motivation to exit the drain of teaching – blogging

Those of you who are subscribed to my newsletter will already know about this, but in 2018 I was heartbroken by the passing of my cavalier KC spaniel Jasper. This is one of my fave photos of him meeting my niece Lucy.

It was after he passed, that I decided to create a blog called Budgeting is a Challenge to share all my tips and tricks for personal finance.

Lucy and Jasper

I used small pockets of time, saved up for an SEO course and learned how to create epic content. In 2020, a blog post went crazy and I went from making zilch to having a profitable blog. To date, that blog post, (I have transferred to my current website when I sold my other site to Wealth of Geeks) has made over $40k in recurring revenue!

Here’s proof!

Screenshot of my Samcart commissions account

Why would I recommend developing your own recurring revenue streams with Lisa’s help?

With the right help, anyone can do this! I have had a lot of success before I met Lisa, but working with her this year, has really given me clarity and filled in the gaps I had, because back then you had to do it on your own.

I bought a digital course on digital courses and many other things and had great support from these, but it turns out Lisa found my gaps and helped me address them, so now I’m implementing things in a more strategic way.

She doesn’t fluff it up and gives very clear instruction, which makes things ultra easy. I’m sometimes prone to overthinking, and she took this out the equation for me. I think I had been spending too much time learning and not enough time implementing.

Want a taste of what is working and what isn’t working anymore in 2024?

One to Many is now open for enrolment until 11th March 10 pm UK time – don’t forget you can grab my bonus coaching programme (worth £997) by purchasing One to Many via my affiliate link below.

Lisa is running a masterclass tomorrow (Monday 4th March 2024) where you can get a taste of how she teaches.

Click on my partner link to purchase OTM and get my bonus programme free.

What is One To Many® by Lisa Johnson? 

Lisa Johnson’s One to Many® programme is the most comprehensive, step-by-step programme out there if you want to add recurring revenue streams to your business or as a separate income stream. One to Many is for you if you aim to make passive or semi-passive income from memberships, group programs, courses and workshops. 

The programme will teach you all of the pieces of the passive jigsaw from growing an audience, writing your course or membership content, sales pages, how to launch effectively through to retention and remarketing, plus mini courses taking place in the period after the main teaching ends covering topics such as subscription boxes, evergreen content, passive product promotion and more!

What’s inside the One To Many® programme in 2024? 

One to Many® has had so many upgrades this year to reflect what Lisa knows is working this year. It includes 12 weeks of direct teaching (over 14 weeks with the orientation session and an implementation session), followed by 12 weeks of ongoing support within Lisa’s community. 

One to Many® teaches you everything from: 

  • growing an audience including using Instagram to do this (as well as Facebook)
  • creating a freebie and how to use Canva for the design
  • writing your course 
  • membership content
  • sales pages
  • evergreen content
  • how to launch this year
  • how to retain your clients and remarket to them 

What will I learn throughout 12 weeks of taught content in One To Many® ? 

OTM Course Schedule 2024 and key dates

One to Many Lisa Johnson 2024 key dates and Modules

Here’s a quick summary of what you will learn each week with Lisa’s support in 2024: 

Week 1 – Your big idea

It all starts with this. Working out what your recurring revenue idea could be, what has worked in the past and why even those that think they have nothing to offer, always do! If you have knowledge that others want, you can sell it.​

Week 2 – Growing your audience

In this session, you’ll get to know how to find your audience quickly and how to put together a sales funnel to bring only the right audience to you. You’ll find out how it’s all a numbers game and how to start bringing in money quickly using tripwires.

Week 3 – Creating your first lead magnet

This week we’ll show you step by step how to use Canva to create a lead magnet that people are desperate to sign up for, helping you to grow an audience of perfect buyers.

Week 4 – Using your templated bonus funnel

Our tech expert will show you how to easily personalise your funnel so that it’s ready to use. And she’ll do it one step at a time so it’s easy and so that you know how to create more funnels in the future.

Week 5 – Growing your audience organically

We’ll show you all of the organic ways to get your audience grown. We’ll talk social media, personal branding and a multi layered visibility strategy.

Week 6 – Growing your audience with ads

Want to speed things up a bit? Our ads manager will take you through how to create your own ads step by step and what to look for to know if they’re working.

Week 7 – Planning out your course or membership

It’s time to look at what will go into your course, membership or programme and how to break things down in a way that sells. We’ll also look at transformations, extras and bonuses and the different formats your course or membership can take.​

Week 8 – Writing your sales page

We’ll spend this session designing your long form sales page. I’ll tell you why you need one and how to make your sales page one that converts into money. We’ll talk about the tech needed and what you must make sure is included as well as some tips I’ve picked up along the way that make all the difference​.

Week 9 – Implementation week

Week 10 – How to launch successfully

One of the most important sessions and the part that is often overlooked, we’ll be discussing your launch strategy. I’ll tell you what works and why. We’ll talk about how to price your recurring revenue product and what you’ll need to have in place before you launch. We’ll cover how to sell and how to use affiliates too​.

Week 11 – Metrics and conversion rates

All of the content in the world could mean nothing without a firm grasp on the numbers you need for success. We’ll look at what the numbers part of the funnel means when planning your launch, and how important it is to have the systems in place before, during and after your launch when it comes to scaling in the future. 

Week 12 – Retention & re-marketing

This session will teach you how to keep members loving your membership and how to re-sell your course, membership or programme again and again. We’ll then recap everything you’ve learned so far​.

Week 13 – Final words & Q&A

Our final session will be a Q&A with me, my tech expert and with past students who have implemented the course and are now making recurring revenue so you can ask them how they did it too.

One to Many® Course Bonuses 2024

For everyone

Done-for-you templated funnel on Funnel Sketchers
OTM® Passive Income Planner
OTM® Roadmap

Pay in Full Bonus

Lisa’s Locker – For every purchase of One to Many® that is paid in full, Lisa has curated gifts for the clients from her online colleagues – courses, e-books, workshops, templates and more. Access will be given after orientation.

24 hour Purchase Bonus (for all those booking before 10pm GMT on Tuesday 5th March)

Get Lisa’s personal feedback on your big idea (sent via form issued after orientation)

OTM University

Get access to a whole range of trainings, after the live trainings have finished, worth way over £3000.

Topics include:

Using Linkedin to grow your audience

Making Facebook groups work for you

Copywriting masterclass

Gamifying for better results

Adding a corporate income stream

Products as a passive income stream

Adding dropshipping to your business

Quiz building for lead magnets

Using Instagram to grow

Using video in your marketing

Building a subscription box business

Creating a diverse and inclusive business.

What other benefits does One to Many® offer?

It is the first passive income course of its kind because you can get CPD accredited for doing this course. You just have to take a small test after the first 12 live modules, to become accredited. I have honestly never seen the same thing out there before. Lisa has gone out and ensured that the course is accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

How much does One to Many® by Lisa Johnson cost?

In 2024, the prices remain the same, which I think is testament to Lisa’s integrity!

They are as follows:

  • 12 monthly payments of £197
  • 9 monthly payments of £255
  • Pay in full of £1997

Is One to Many® by Lisa Johnson legit? 

Yes! Not only has Lisa gone all out to demonstrate that she has made millions using her own framework every year, she has students who have had similar results too! 

See some of the student results below.

Charlie Day and her experience of One to Many®

Charlie Day made over £1m semi-passively – check out her story here

Watch my interview with Charlie Day

One to Many Success stories Charlie Day

Dawn Baxter’s route to recurring revenue and experience of One to Many®

You’ll absolutely love this interview with Dawn – the recording is wobbly and has an echo, so apologies for that, but her story is awesome – you need to listen to it.

Dawni’s story

One to Many Success stories Dawn Baxter

Charlotte Dodds’ route to recurring revenue and experience of One to Many®

Charlotte has not only transformed her role using OTM, she’s completely changed her business model as a result. It means she can continue to grow her recurring revenue, whilst being able to spend more quality time with her little boy Oscar.

Listen to my interview with her here

In conclusion

One to Many® is in my opinion, the best programme and will not leave you with any gaps like I originally had – haha. It is led by a lady, who not only maintains the highest level of integrity and honesty, but also goes out there and gets results time and time again from recurring revenue.

In my mind, you have a golden opportunity to learn from the best. Yes you will have to do some hard work to set up each stream and maintain them. It’s totally worth it when you consider where you could be in 12 months time?

Sipping a cocktail on the beach because you have been able to take your family on an extra holiday?

Feeling relaxed because you paid your bills without worrying any more?

Or is it that you bought those trainers you had your eye on?

Success will look a little different for everyone.

Here’s to yours. xx

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