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In this post, I share with you one way I make money blogging or you could call it recurring revenue from content in my business. But first a bit of context.

I came to the content scene by starting my own blog. Back when that was a thing, and a blog alone made money for many people. 

My story with this again is very squiggly, and it wasn’t until 2020 that I began to make any semi-passive income from my content. My results are below and so far I have made over $50k from blog content alone. 

So monthly recurring revenue from leveraging your business blog content is so possible – even more so in 2023! 

Why create blog content in your business? 

A sound content creation strategy can be beneficial if you have a business online. Especially when you want to build your like, know and trust factor with your audience. 

You can use it to grow your authority and visibility online. Let’s face it – you can be the most amazing expert, but if no eyes are on your website, your income won’t be as high. 

Content is a great way of getting more people to notice your business, but you can take it further than that and create an extra stream of income with it too! 

If I can do it, so can you! 

This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. This doesn’t affect the price you pay, or if it is free, it will remain free. Know that I only promote products that I know, use, like, and trust. If it was 💩 you wouldn’t be hearing about it from me x

My recurring revenue results from my blog content 

As I said above, my content started making money in 2020. This is one of the blog posts I continue to make recurring revenue from into 2023. But I have more blog posts that make money too! 

recurring revenue from online content

How to make money using your blog

You can do this in many different ways, and the caveat is that you need to balance out your content, so you are helping your audience for free also. 

That way, you are not perceived as salesy or uninterested in them. After all, this is why you got into business in the first place. To help certain people on their journeys to success. 

Review posts 

Reviewing a product that you have used, you love, and that brings you great results is one way of making money from your blog content. My review posts regularly make over £1k each month. 

Here are a couple of examples for you of ways I do this. 

Stupid Simple SEO review 2023 

Filthy Rich Writer Reviews – My journey into copywriting

How to posts 

How to posts can be related to the main things that the audience asks you about. You can give them a free explanation of how to do something, but if they need more support, you can offer them a solution in your blog post.

 For example:

 A mini-course that you have created to solve that problem. 

 A link to a product via your affiliate link 

 A link to a product that you sell yourself 

 A coaching program intake form that leads to having a free call with you.   

Why monetise some of your blog posts? 

When the blog post is written, all that’s to do is to update it. How often depends on the topic. If you have written a review post, check every couple of months for broken links or whether the affiliate links have changed since you’ve written the post. 

Why monetise?

Other people benefit from your expert recommendations, so if there is an affiliate scheme for the product or service you are recommending, you can benefit, too, from recommending. Some schemes will give you as much as 40% for recommending their course, membership or product. 

To give you a real idea, I spend around 30 minutes every month updating my blog posts. If I am creating new related content, for example, a linked video or additional freebie, this will take longer. But the ROI is well worth this maintenance work. 

Top tips to make money blogging online

Helen working on her blog in Lanzarote

Help your audience solve their pain points 

This is the best way to begin creating epic content to grow and engage with your audience. 

You could do some calls with them, create polls, or send out a survey and find out what their main struggles are and what they would like help with. 

Who do you know that you chat with frequently, who you could bounce ideas off? 

Create a content calendar 

When you have a clear idea of your audience’s pain points and what they might need from you to stay focused, I suggest creating a content calendar with the main themes for each month. From there, you choose how many blog posts you want to create each month and what questions they are going to answer

Pro-tip – blog posts can take a long time to write when you first start out, so bear this in mind when planning, and then don’t over plan your schedule. 

Balance monetised posts with value posts 

When you are creating your calendar, take a look at what opportunities there are to monetise your posts. Did you take a course on it? If you are not an affiliate for the course already, you could contact the course owner and ask whether they have an affiliate program. 

Creating your calendar this way ensures you balance your content with value posts in between releasing the monetised posts. 

Write to your brand voice and tone 

The messaging and the way you talk to your audience needs to sound the same as your home page, your sales pages and the emails you send out. In fact, every time you communicate, you should be writing, in the same way, every time. So the brand sounds consistent. Your audience will begin to recognise your brand’s unique way of communicating, especially if you remain consistent throughout. 

Not heard of brand voice or tone before?

 I got you on this. It is one of the first things I do for a brand when I first begin to work for them, if they haven’t got a brand voice and tone guide in place already. Your guide should be no more than 2 pages long and will help you each time you write anything to communicate with your audience. It saves so much time, plus your audience will trust you when it comes to sharing paid offers with them. 

Grab my training for creating a brand voice and tone guide for your business 

Create a brand voice and tone guide for your business: Guide by Helen Nuttall

Write naturally 

Google has developed so much over the last few years and spots keyword stuffing straightaway. 

So write like you are talking to a close friend who you really want to help. It helps to include some keywords, but if you read it out loud to yourself and you sound like a robot, it means that you have included too many keywords. 

Do one last reread and ask yourself whether this sounds like your brand. When you have done your last edits, you’re good to publish! 

Describe your journey and real experiences 

Describing your real thoughts and feelings about a product or service is really important if you are creating a blog post for passive income. People can see you have integrity if you are willing to help them see what you liked and also what you didn’t like about what you are reviewing.

The results you have achieved by using the product/service/course are as important here as the timescale it took to achieve them. Don’t worry if you don’t have the most stellar story – people are looking for other genuine people to guide them in their decision-making process. Your honest review will pay off and help so many people make informed decisions. 

As always, if you have any questions about creating epic blog content that you can monetise, feel free to comment or email me at 

In conclusion 

Recurring revenue is easily achievable from your blog content. It isn’t the easiest thing to create and likely will take a few hours when you first write your posts. But if you’re willing to put the work into it, and ensure it aligns with your brand’s values, voice and tone, I have no doubt that you will create a superb new income stream for your business. 

Want to learn more about creating other streams of passive income, semi-passive income or recurring revenue? 

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