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When you are considering the best approach to getting your website up and running, or a refresh, one thing to consider could be a VIP website sprint.

In this post, I’ll expand on why and what’s involved.

What is a website VIP sprint?

Basically, I work on your website for 2 full days of my time. Your website is finished and ready to promote after this time.

Why should you consider a website VIP sprint?

There are 3 main reasons why this kind of process may appeal to you.

Involvement in creating the vision you want

Although the price tag might sound high at first, it’s worth considering a VIP sprint because of the amount of involvement you can have. Throughout the days of the sprint, I will be communicating with you to ask for your approval on different pages of your website so you have a high level of input throughout the process.

Shorter timescales to get your website finished up

With this type of project, you don’t have to wait weeks or even months like you would with a traditional website project. This is useful if you want to plan the marketing around your website launch or relaunch.

Cheaper project prices

One of my VIP website sprints can be much cheaper than hiring a website designer to do your website. I’ve heard of clients being quoted upwards of $5k into 2024, for a service that is way less high-touch than I provide.

What does my website VIP sprint involve?

It’s an intense 2 days, I’m not going to lie, but I believe in focused implementation, and that means you are involved in every stage of the build. Below I describe what I need from you, so that we can make this happen and get you the optimal look and feel for your website.

What do I need from you?

Ladies doing a website VIP sprint

Your availability

I will need you to be available for the consecutive days that we build the website. I’m not talking constantly available, but free enough to ensure that you can give me timely feedback on the pages we are building.

Typically, we will communicate via the messenger app you are most comfortable with. I do suggest Voxer or FB messenger, purely because it’s easy for me to attach video explanations for anything I need or you need clarity on.

All resources in advance of the sprint

I love to work fast, and to make this happen, I need: 

  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Copy for each page
  • Details of optins
  • Freebies to attach
  • Your brand colours, fonts, and logo
  • Login details for your platform, email provider and domain (if you need your domain connecting)
  • You to add me to your Canva team

…in advance of the VIP sprint.

To be available for a premeet

This premeet is so important because it allows me to get to know you and your brand, and to strategise how we bring your website vision to life.

I see it like I see my paintings as an artist. For me to bring your brand to life, I need to meet you and get to know your energy, your unique vibe and personality. Your brand should be infused with you, so this is a vital part of the process.

It’s also a functional meeting, especially if you need guidance on how to give me access to the tools I need. Some entrepreneurs prefer me to walk them through this, so let me know if this is your preference.

To be flexible

Very occasionally things happen that are beyond my control, for example Malta’s dodgy wifi around teatime, so I may have to finish off your project the next day. Rest assured that your project will always be finished by the Friday of the week we booked for the sprint.

If you are launching, I always advise you to work back from your launch date and give yourself 3 extra weeks, to allow for this kind of thing.

What to expect from me

This isn’t a cookie-cutter, one size fits all website project, so I take on the role of strategic partner for our time together. Picture chatting to a very focused friend, who takes the overwhelm of website tech off your plate.

Here are other things to expect:

You have 7 hours of my time each day

For me, this is the optimal number and ensures I am massively productive. Basically, I get more s**t done this way. If we get to the end day and I am done, I will implement other things on your to-do list. (We go through having something extra ready in the premeet, just in case this scenario happens)

I focus exclusively on your business

No-one else even gets an email inside your 14 hours together. This allows me to get deep inside your vision and not split my focus.

To be in communication with you throughout the sprint

As I create assets, and pages, I will ask you to give me feedback via your favourite messenger app, so we can keep aligned with your vision.

Where we have a few assets to create, I will ask you to review them on a Trello board, but don’t worry, I’ll explain everything before our sprint together.

I am your strategic partner, who will tell you as it is.

Feel free to ask me questions – it’s what our website sprint is about. My approach is to be completely honest with you, even if it may not be the answer you wanted to hear. I want your business to be a success, so I am always on point and focused on how to get there, within the context of your website.

Website VIP sprints – the timeline

Premeet – 1-2 weeks before the VIP sprint

VIP sprint days – 3 or 4 consecutive days

After care – 7 days – I answer your questions and provide support for anything related to the work we have completed.

You also have access to my FREE tutorial hub.

Website VIP sprints – FAQs

What platforms do you work with? 

I work with any version of High Level.

So, the following are all customised versions of High Level that I work with.

Easy Peasy Funnels
Funnel Gorgeous
FEA Create
Funnel Sketchers

What can I expect from a 2 day website VIP sprint?

Typically you can expect me to get through a 5 page standard website. The cost currently is £3000. You will also receive any tutorials you need to help you edit and update your website.

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